Frequently Asked Questions

Truck Driving as a Career

Truck driving is a high demand career. According to the American Trucking Association, there is a large shortage of qualified drivers. If you love to drive and travel to different places and you maintain your CDL in good standing, you can have a long and promising career. We can offer you that promising career at Walpole, Inc. We currently have openings for drivers throughout the Southeastern United States. You can view our open positions here.

It is a skill, but a skill that anyone can learn if they are motivated, get proper training and pay attention during that training. Most new truck drivers find that shifting and backing up the trailer are somewhat challenging at first, but practice, practice, practice! At Walpole, Inc. we do require a CDL-A license and two years of experience, but also have extensive training for our new employees so that you have total confidence when you get behind the wheel by yourself and deliver to our customers for the first time. In addition, Walpole, Inc. has late model, well-maintained equipment which means that our drivers have the safest trucks in the industry—making your drive easier and stress free!

There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States—and that’s just drivers not other key positions in the industry. But it is simply not enough! It is estimated that the industry could use 90,000 more in the next decade. That is 90,000, JUST drivers! That doesn’t take into account other support positions in the office or for maintaining our fleet. You will find a full listing of open careers at Walpole, Inc. located here.

The best depends upon you. Do you want to be home every night? Do you enjoy traveling, seeing new places and the open road? Or are you motivated completely by pay? Walpole, Inc. has several positions open throughout the Southeastern United States. We have local positions for those who want to be home every night. Regional jobs where you are on the road more, but still have weekly at home time and are compensated accordingly. The highest paid jobs in the industry require a CDL-plus hazmat and tanker endorsements. Walpole, Inc. has your perfect truck driving job here.

Training Needed for Truck Driving

Prior to becoming a truck driver, you must obtain your CDL or Commercial Driver License. Obtaining that CDL requires you to first get a Conditional Learner Permit (CLP) that allows you to practice driving on public roads with a qualified CDL holder. To obtain your CLP you need to:

  • You must possess a valid driver’s license
  • Pass a vision test and medical exam
  • Provide proof of identity and residency
  • Submit a driving record review-up to 10 years will be examined
  • Pass appropriate knowledge exams
  • Pay appropriate fees

After completion of the CLP, there is usually a waiting period before taking the CDL exam which includes a vehicle inspections test, basic controls testing, and a commercial driving road test.

At Walpole, Inc, we require our drivers to have a CDL-Class A license for which you will need to pass a general knowledge test, combinations vehicle test, air brakes, pre-trip, basic skills, CDL road test, and any applicable exams for desired endorsements. Walpole, Inc. currently has several positions open for CDL-A drivers. To find the one perfect for your visit here.

If you do not have a CDL license, some training schools pay you while you train, and they can easily be found by searching on the internet. At Walpole, Inc. we hire experienced drivers with a CDL-A, but still provide comprehensive training that equips you to execute your job professionally and safely.

The very first step is to have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Then you must apply for a Conditional Learner’s Permit to practice driving even in a CDL training school.

Walpole, Inc. is currently seeking experienced CDL drivers, therefore we do not provide CDL training. There are CDL training schools located throughout the United States and if you Google: CDL training near me, you will find the closest training facilities.


CDL-A truck driving is a high-demand career. Many training facilities have placement services for recent graduates so that you can obtain the experience you need to seek a long-term career at Walpole, Inc. Walpole currently requires one year of tractor-trailer experience.

Finding and Applying for Truck Driving Jobs

It’s as easy as going to Google and typing in your question! But since you are right here, right now on the Walpole, Inc. website, you should look at our open driver positions. Walpole, Inc. was founded by E.E. Walpole in 1952 with only one truck. Walpole, Inc. is still family-owned and operated today. Our drivers are family. Consider joining our family today!

Searching for “local truck driving jobs” near me will work, but if you have your CDL-A License and one year of tractor-trailer experience, we may just the opportunity for you.   Our lanes will work for you if you are in the state of FL, GA, AL or MS.  From Miami, to Tampa, Dothan and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Valdosta, Georgia and Columbus and Jackson, Mississippi .  Truly, many locations will work for our lanes, we have only mentioned a few.  After viewing open positions, which include local and regional jobs, complete  our easy, online application and one of our recruiters will reach out to you!

Most companies encourage applicants to apply on their websites, we are no exception. Just go to our online application!

After you have viewed open positions, please complete our online application and one of our recruiters will contact you soon!

Rest assured, Walpole, Inc. is a secure site and we never share your application information with anyone!

Compensation and Benefits

This is a high-demand career with great earning potential. What you earn out on the road depends upon several factors; experience, having your CDL license, having specialized endorsements, the state you work in, and the type of job, local, regional, or over the road. According to a 2018 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest 10% of drivers made less than $28,160 a year and the highest 10% earned more than $65,260 annually. Walpole, Inc. currently has several positions open. We believe in compensation that fits experience and the type of job we need you to perform. You’ll find a complete list of our openings and compensation here.

According to a report compiled by released in January 2021, the salary range for a CDL-A driver falls between $23-$30 per hour. At Walpole, Inc. we have jobs that fall within that range as well as jobs above that range. Check out the income and open positions here.


 In 2020 listed the following as the most profitable trucking jobs: Ice road trucking, hazmat hauling, tanker hauling, oversized load hauling, luxury car hauling, team driving, owner-operator jobs, and private fleets. While Walpole doesn’t haul luxury cars or have ice road positions, we do have a need for drivers with hazmat and tanker endorsements.


While it varies from company to company, Walpole, Inc., like most companies, pays their drivers weekly.

Much like pay scales, benefit packages vary widely from company to company. You can view an entire list of the Walpole, Inc. benefits here.


Current Job Openings and Misc.

Locations and types of jobs available

We have terminals in West Palm Beach, Tampa and Okeechobee Florida as well as Birmingham, Alabama. We also have job openings in many areas throughout the Southeastern, US. Find the complete list here.

We have openings for local routes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Valdosta, Georgia, Columbus, Mississippi, Palm Bay, Belle Glade, and Tampa, Florida where you will be home daily. We also have regional positions open throughout the Southeastern, US in Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville and Montgomery, Alabama; Okeechobee, Tampa and Clewiston, Florida; Brunswick and Valdosta, Georgia. A complete list of driver jobs can be found here.


Long haul truck driving, also called Over-the-Road (OTR) requires drivers to go long distances to deliver goods and cargo requiring them to spend the night or even weeks away from home. This is the perfect type of driver job if you love to travel and have autonomy.

In the trucking industry a third-party logistic company provides integrated operations and freight transportation services that can be scaled to customer needs.