About Us

We were founded in 1952 by E.E. Walpole II, and we pride ourselves that Walpole, Inc. is still a family-owned and operated transportation business today! Our company began with one man and one single truck and has expanded throughout the southeastern United States with an entire fleet of state-of-the-art trucks that give us the ability to haul flour, feed, sugar, salt, lime, and coal wherever you need it to go!

We accomplish this from our four terminals in Okeechobee, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Birmingham, driving safely, on time, every day. We are proud of our growth and believe it has occurred through perseverance, hard work, and growing a great team of the best drivers in the trucking industry. It is also because our values and approach to business have remained the same as when E.E. Walpole II started with his one truck. We still proudly serve some of the original customers almost 70 years later because of staying true to our core principles.

Being a company rooted in tradition does not mean we are operating in the past. Walpole, Inc has kept ahead of others by utilizing the best technology available in today’s transportation industry. We use mobile communication and have auto-shift transmissions and custom engine calibrations, allowing us to drive smarter. All our trucks are outfitted with fuel-efficient tires and SCR technology for diesel emission control, allowing us to drive cleaner. Through the perfect balance of technology and practicality, combined with an outstanding team of drivers, we are a model of transit efficiency.

The fourth generation of Walpole’s is now at the helm of this family-owned and operated business. Our fleet of trucks is replaced regularly so that your products are shipped in the latest, most reliable, cleanest trucks on the road today. Our highly knowledgeable dispatchers ensure that routes are efficiently communicated, and our safe, experienced drivers are the cornerstone of everything we do. Walpole, Inc. has been a dependable carrier yesterday, and we remain the best there is today and will continue the legacy of excellence, efficiency, and safety for many generations to come.

We haul:

Flour | Feed | Sugar | Lime | Salt | Rock | Coal

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